Website design

Website creation tailored to your business. Optimized design solutions focused on the functionality and quality user experience of your future visitors. All web presentations are created individually, with an understanding of your business and in accordance with your needs.

The consultation is free and the goal is to understand your needs and the website you would like a little better, as well as to present my suggestions and offer.

Before we start

Try to answer these questions:

  • What goal would you like to achieve by creating a website?
  • Who would you like to contact you, ie. what is the target group of visitors?
  • What information would you like to present to your visitors?
  • What are the activities that you would like the visitor of your site to perform (fill in the contact form, sign up for the email list, make a purchase, get information, etc.)


Before we start, it would be highly desirable that you already have:

  • Hosting
  • Domain

Hosting is a service of renting a place on the server where your website will be located. You can rent hosting from one of the local hosting providers and payment is made on an annual or monthly basis (depending on the provider).

The domain represents the URL of the site (e.g. You choose this address yourself, but keep in mind that a large number of URLs are already occupied today, so you should think about this item in advance. A very large number of companies lease a domain name when registering a company. Of course, not everyone thinks this way, but make sure that the domain is first on the list of priorities if you plan to create a website.

What’s included in web design process?

Structure and design

Creating a functional structure for the website and design solutions through the WordPress platform

Content optimization

Complete optimization of graphic material – photographs, videos, illustrations, documents, etc.

Responsive design

Mobile first site design – it is estimated that about 60% of visits today come from smartphones

Basic SEO

Clear page and content structure, in line with Google’s recommendations and standards on the web

Analytics setup

Linking the site to systems for tracking and analyzing visits and activities (via Google Tag Manager)


After creation, creating short video instructions for self-updating the site (if necessary)

Why is website development important?

The website can help you achieve your goals online. But what exactly does this mean?

If you have your own business or plan to develop it, creating a website will help you bring your offer closer to the widest audience online. The site is not only aimed at the audience you already know (your existing clients) but towards a wide audience on the Internet and the main goal of creating a site is to attract an audience that may be interested in you and thus become your new client.

What is important throughout this story is that you should keep in mind that through Google search and in various other ways, customers are looking for exactly what you can offer them. In such a situation, it is important that (with good SEO) you have a website within which you have all the business information, offers and all relevant information that a potential customer can expect when they visit your site. The website (in that sense) must be flawless and interest the visitor and turn him into a potential client. That is why creating a website is an important process in the development of any type of business.
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The advantage of creating a website

The website is not only aimed at the audience you already know (your existing clients) but at a wide audience on the Internet and the main goal is to attract an audience that may have an interest in you and thus become your new client.

Website design contributes to the seriousness of the business. Nowadays, when the internet is widely available, most users search for information online. Today, every serious company has its own website, and that has become a kind of standard. In doing so, there is a possibility that the potential client will not take you seriously enough if you do not have your own website. And here we do not mean the Facebook page, but only and exclusively the website.

Through the website, users can contact you faster and easier. With one click on the phone number or email address, they can get in touch with you. By implementing a contact form on the site, they can enter their message and send it to you without leaving your site. There are many possibilities and you should simplify and facilitate access to your business as much as possible.

One of the most important benefits of creating a website is that, by defining a clear goal, you can improve your business. Whether the goal is just informing users, making direct inquiries to you, selling items, better traffic to your offline locations… the site as such can be a very powerful marketing tool. Before contacting any individual or website design agency, think about what purpose that website should achieve.
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A website tailored to your business

Creating a website involves understanding the work you do. Some basic information is implied and all the specifics and advantages of your business should be defined at the beginning because with such an approach we can make a better plan for your site.

The more information, the better and higher quality web presentation can be made. Based on business information, the structure of pages and content on individual pages is designed.
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WordPress design and implementation

WordPress is the most popular and most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world and it is estimated that ~ 30% of websites in the world are made with the help of this platform. There are many reasons why this is the most commonly used CMS but what is important in the whole development process is that WordPress is just a database that allows us to implement quality solutions.

Creating a site for you means first of all designing a quality page structure, URLs, creating the design, and optimization. Proven and repeatedly tested solutions intended exclusively for WP are used for the development. Quality and performance are always taken into account and the implementation of the solution is aimed at maximally relieving and optimizing the site.
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Price and time of website development

This is a very common question and mostly one of the first during the initial conversation with clients. With all the understanding of a question like this, the answer really cannot be given right at the start. Each website is different and the price is influenced by numerous factors, and a couple of the most important are: the scope and complexity of the work and the time spent on the development.

In order to form a price, it is necessary to fully understand your request. This means that in the initial conversation, you present your request as precisely as possible and what needs to be on the site, what kind of content, what functionalities you expect, etc. I am here to give you certain guidelines and help with the whole process.

It is important to note that there are no restrictions on the number of pages/amount of content and the like. The site is created according to your request, whether it is 3, 5, 10, 50, or more pages. Depending on the information I receive from you, I will estimate the scope, complexity, and time for creating the site, and exactly that amount of time spent will affect the final price. I think that there are no fixed prices for creating a site, nor approximate prices. It would be quite frivolous to bid that way without enough information. For a quality project, the price is always in line with the task that needs to be fulfilled.
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If you are interested, after creating the site, we can continue the cooperation through the service of maintaining your site. Maintenance may include, in addition to regularly updating and testing functionality thereafter, entering new content or modifying existing content. It all depends on your needs, scope, and type of activities that need to be done.

It is definitely recommended that the site should be maintained by a web designer/developer. Among other things, due to very frequent changes in WordPress itself.
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Ask anything about web design process

I am at your disposal for any additional questions..

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