Website design involves design and functionality that is in line with the needs of your business. Creating a website involves understanding the business model, reviewing the competition that is already online, and defining a clear structure. Every website should have a specific purpose and should not be done “because everyone has it today”. Your website is a mirror of your company online and accordingly, there should be a clear structure and your business should be targeted on your audience with the quality you can offer them.

proces izrade web sajta Website design (WordPress)

A website with a focus on your visitors

If you want a good effect of your website, the focus should be on visitors or potential customers. The website must be functional and easy to navigate. We want our future clients to have a clear overview of what we have to offer and to get quality information quickly. A clear and concise website, with a good structure and layout of information, will keep the user and encourage him to explore more than just the home page. My focus when creating websites is always on future visitors and new clients that you can attract with a website that will answer their queries in the best possible way.

web dizajn usluga

Building a website will allow you to present your business online. It contributes to a better understanding of your business by potential customers, creates trust, allows easier contact, and contributes to the seriousness of your brand.


Website development service includes:

Original design

Creating structure and design solutions through WordPress platform

Content optimization

Photos, videos, icons, etc.

Responsive design

Mobile-first responsive approach to website design (focus on mobile devices)

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