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Creating a website involves design and functionality that is in line with the needs of your business. Creating a website requires understanding the business model you are dealing with, reviewing the competition that is already online, and defining a clear structure. Each website should have a specific purpose and accordingly, the focus is always on creating the right structure of your site and clear functionality with the quality we want to attract and retain the target audience or users.

Your website is a picture of your business online. Whether you are just starting a business or have been in the market for some time, creating a website will allow you to market and promote the product or service you have to offer and thus expand your customer base.

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Website development includes


Design tailored to you

Creating a structure and design solutions in accordance with your business, aimed at future users of the website.


Content optimization

Complete optimization of graphics and other material on the website (photos, videos, illustrations, documents, etc.).


Responsive design

Mobile-first approach focused primarily on visibility on smart devices with a focus on smartphones.

Each presentation is created with a focus on SEO and quality structure. Accordingly, the price of creating a website includes basic SEO optimization, which involves arranging and defining elements on the page so that search engines can clearly understand and index the content on your website. For a more detailed SEO plan (audit) you can check out the offer for SEO optimization.

Website with a focus on your visitors

 you want a good effect on your website, the focus should be on visitors or potential customers. The website must be functional and easy to navigate. We want our future clients to have a clear overview of what we offer and to get quality information quickly. A clear and concise website, with a good structure and layout of information, will keep the user and encourage him to explore more than just the home page. My focus when creating websites is always on future visitors and new clients that you can attract with a website that will answer their queries in the best possible way.


The short answer would be: it depends. A longer answer would be that the price can be determined after the project or task that needs to be fulfilled is clearly defined. The price depends primarily on the complexity of the website and the time required to create it. Although this is the most common question from clients, the price as well as the specifications can be created after we agree on what kind of website needs to be created and with what functionalities. Of course, if you are not sure what kind of website you need, I am here to help you and present my ideas and suggestions.

Production time also depends. Since websites are created via the WordPress platform, roughly, it can be from 15 days (for “simpler” sites) or longer. The material for the web site must be prepared in advance.

Before we start the process, it would be very desirable to have leased:

  • domain (name or title of your site –
  • hosting (server on which your website will be located and where we will transfer the presentation after creation)

You can rent both items from your local hosting provider. You can search for hosting providers in Serbia via Google or by clicking on this link

3 steps to your website

Projects are created and customized individually, depending on the client’s needs.


The call is completely free. Let's talk about your needs - whether it's website design, seo optimization or online advertising services.


We can work out the details at the meeting. Services are created and adjusted to your business needs and through the individual analysis.


Start of project implementation in accordance with the agreed solution. Using best practices for the web.

If you are not sure what kind of website you need, feel free to contact me for a consultation. State what type of website you need (whether it is a personal, a website for a company, etc.) and we will analyze the possibilities together and I will of course give you my suggestions and ideas. Feel free to send examples of some websites that you liked because it can serve as a parameter in which direction to focus design process.


Take a look at the latest projects that have been realized. You can see more projects on the Portfolio page.

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