On-site SEO optimization involves a set of different activities in order for your website to be properly and clearly indexed (recognized) by a web search engine (in this case Google). As well as being, with its unique content, useful for future visitors. The key to good SEO is content that will respond to a user’s query in the best (read most useful) way.

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Importance of SEO

Google exists because of the users who use their search engine. The system itself, due to the amount of data at its disposal, has a very complex algorithm that, based on a large number of different factors, determines, assesses the relevance, and ranks websites every time someone types a certain search term. This all happens in a split second, and since Google is always user-oriented, it algorithmically assesses which content is most useful and thus displays search results. In order for the content to be relevant, it is first necessary to answer the user’s query and adjust all the elements on the website so that it is clear to Google what we are doing and that we can answer the user’s query. The technique that enables all this and practically lays the foundation for good optimization and indexing of your website is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). My focus is specifically on on-site or on-page optimization, which means that the structure of the website and the layout of the elements on the pages are created in accordance with the standards that Google expects.

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SEO is also important when doing advertising through Google Ads. If your website is technically well optimized and in accordance with SEO standards, it will directly affect the quality of advertising and ultimately the price of a click that you’ll pay.

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