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Take your online presence to the next level with a quality website, customer-centric optimization, and digital marketing that can reach the widest audience on the Internet.


The reality is that we live in a time when the internet is available to everyone and when people spend a lot of time searching for various information, services, or products online. Google records over 3.5 billion searches a day, Facebook 2.5 billion users and the numbers are only increasing. But numbers are not the most important thing. The potential lies in exploiting these networks to expand your business. Internet users are probably looking for what you have to offer them whether it is a service, a product, or just some useful information. In such a situation, it would be good to have an online presence and to respond to the user’s inquiry in the best way. This is possible through a quality website and optimization. And through digital marketing, you will be able to promote your offer further and attract a larger audience.


Choose the service according to your needs

Website design

Creating a website in line with your business. Preparation, design and implementation.

SEO optimization

Google Search Engine Optimization. Keyword and competition analysis and action plan.

Google Ads

Analysis, preparation, and creation of advertising campaigns. Results tracking and optimization.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook and related services. Designing and creating advertising campaigns.

Get in touch

Call or send an email and through the initial conversation, you can present what you do and what your goals are. The purpose of the conversation is to get to know each other and through that initial contact to create a picture of further development of services for you (website development, SEO, advertising). I am here to present my services to you and give suggestions and guidelines based on your business activity.

Meeting and details

After getting to know each other, we can start working out the details. We can get the best quality only when we know exactly what needs to be created and when we clearly plan the procedure. Every detail related to what you want to place is important, especially if you have certain advantages over the competition that is online.

Throughout this process of designing and planning, I offer you my support so that you have a clear picture of how the service you choose will be implemented.

Agreement and realization

The details are there to give us enough information on the basis of which we determine the direction in which we should go and the further course of activities. At the meeting, we defined all that and the next step is an agreement on the realization based on the submitted offer.

The final process is the agreement and then the realization of the service in accordance with the agreed solution. Everything we talked about before and what is planned in advance is applied online.

My name is Vladimir

I have been involved in web design since 2015 and my desire is to transfer my knowledge to projects by creating the best digital experience for my clients. Whether it is website design, SEO, or online advertising, with an individual approach I analyze the needs of my clients in order to make their presence on the Internet as effective as possible.

We live in a time of mobile devices

It is important to note that all services are created with a focus on mobile devices (smartphones in the first place). Users spend several hours a day on smartphones and the number of site searches and browses on mobile has long surpassed the desktop. For that reason, the so-called mobile-first approach is very important. Google is also mobile-first and primarily views your site via mobile and only then via desktop. From their point of view, it is extremely important what your site looks like on the resolutions of these devices, how fast it loads, and what the User Experience (UX) is like.


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