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An effective solution for successful results. Advertising through Google and related services using the Google Ads tool.

If you want fast search results and to reach customers when they search for your product or service, try Google ads. Submit the keywords you want to advertise through the contact form.

*Keywords you want to use to advertise on Google. For example. if you are electrician from Belgrade, then it would be the phrase "electrician in Belgrade" or similar More about keywords

PPC Advertising

Google Ads is a form of online advertising, commonly known as PPC (Pay-per-click). In most situations, this means you pay for each click on your ad, and it’s mostly related to Google Search. These are the ads that look like other results but have the “Ad” tag.

Google advertising can help you no matter what activity you do. At the same time, the costs are generally much cheaper compared to traditional channels (newspapers, TV commercials, radio, etc.). If you want to increase the visibility of your brand, to show your services, or increase sales and there is a clear demand online, then Google ads can very quickly put you among the first results in the search.

Google Search Campaigns

Search campaigns happen in search results when you type a certain term. Basically, you will see the paid results first. These are actually ads created through the Google Ads tool. Eg. you have typed “food delivery” and on top, you will probably see the ads of restaurants that deliver and pay for it and then the so-called organic search results.

If there is interest in what you have to offer on Google (if users are actively searching for it), then there is a great chance that you will reach those users through advertisements at the very moment when they are looking for your product or service. Search campaigns are a very powerful tool for this.

Advertising process

The goal of the campaign

It is constantly mentioned but this is the most important item that determines further activities. The goal of advertising is an activity that we want our potential client to achieve (buy a product, fill out a form, etc.)


An overview of the current state of the keywords you want to advertise for and an estimate. An overview of the competition, their ads, and landing pages.

Account setup and ads creating process

Necessary settings setup within Google Ads related to the advertising account. Then campaigns creating process based on previously analyzed data.

Conversion tracking

Conversions are exactly the activities we want from users. This item involves setting up conversions in Google Ads for further tracking.

A quality Google ad involves defining a goal

Advertising campaigns are created depending on the goal you want to achieve. What is the goal you know best and how to achieve that goal depends on many factors that need to be met after proper analysis. A keyword analysis is crucial in this whole process because it gives us an insight into the current state and potentials.

The goal of your advertising campaign may be different. It can be just increasing the visibility of your brand, attracting users to your website by filling out a specific query, subscribing to the Newsletter, or simply increasing sales. Depending on the activity you perform, the goal of the campaign is adjusted and everything is subordinated to its realization.
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Analysis and preparation for advertising

Keyword analysis has already been mentioned and this is the first step. This step should provide us with basic information about whether users are searching the internet at all for what you have to offer and to what extent. Based on this data, those keywords that can help you achieve your goal are filtered out. In addition to this analysis, a competition analysis is performed, which is also advertised for the same keywords as their Landing pages.

What is a Landing Page? Well, it’s simply a page that will open to the user who clicks on your ad (which will practically land, landing – this is a marketing term). It can be and mostly is a page from your site (it doesn’t have to be home). But it can also be a page specifically created just for a particular campaign. In any case, it must be very well optimized because it is one of the important factors that Google takes into account when ranking.

I like to mention that SEO and Google advertising are very related and pages that are well optimized for certain keywords and advertise for them have more success in positioning ads and generally pay a lower price per click.
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Ad relevance

Writing ads is a particularly important part of advertising. We need to be relevant to the term we are targeting and we need to get the user to click on the ad and explore further what we can offer them. The ad should respond to the query that the user typed in the search and provide additional information after opening the Landing page.
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Advertising price

After keyword analysis, we’ll have a slightly clearer picture of what would be an optimal budget for your campaign. This is the part that can vary a lot depending on what area your business belongs to and how competitive it is. Please note that it is extremely important to optimize the landing page because it can greatly affect the cost of a click to an ad.
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Google Ads optimization

Creating a campaign and running ads is just the beginning. Monitoring results and optimization is a process that needs to be carried out regularly and I monitor the state of advertising campaigns mainly on a daily basis. There is always room for further optimization and the Google Ads tool gives us enough information and capabilities to track performance and status relative to competing ads.

It should be noted that there is a so-called “learning phase” in which Google uses complex calculations to analyze and evaluate all the parameters we have set and, based on that, optimizes the display of ads in search results. After the launch of the campaign, it is recommended that no changes be made in the next 7-10 days in order for the campaign to reach its full potential.
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Ask about Google Ads

I am at your disposal for any additional questions regarding Google Ads.

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