Of course you have questions. And the dilemma around the site’s development process. I’m going to try through the few common questions, answer what you most likely are most interested in.

The price

This is certainly one of the most common questions. With reason. But it is not so easy to answer the same. The cost of site development depends on many factors. I will only mention a few of the most important:

  • The volume of work, that is, the amount of content on the site and the complexity of the work
  • The time needed for the development process

It is very ungrateful to bid with the prices before the initial talk about creating your site. After the first conversation, with enough information, I can form an image (or sketch) of what kind of site you need. And accordingly, I can give some basic assessment of the price of the service. There are no fixed prices for the creation of the site (although some are so advertised). There is a price that is in line with what you want, or how you want your site to look like. I am here to give you additional guidance, suggestions, and ideas, and to help you get the most out of you on the internet in the best possible way.

The time

Creation time depends on the amount of work. And your needs. Some of the presentations can be completed in a few days, while for some others it takes a lot more time. The process of creating a site includes (in addition to the creation itself) and the preparation of the entire content for the pages, then the development and eventually the SEO optimization. It can last 10-15 days, up to a month or more. This is a very rough estimate, but as indicated above depends exclusively on the volume of work.

The specified time is certainly subject to change.

The process

*Before we start making it, it would be highly desirable that you already have a leased hosting and domain. If you do not have a hosting or domain, we can arrange to open it for you. Of course, with your consent and the necessary personal data or company data.

  1. Hosting is the space on the server where your site will be located (it is leased to a local service provider)
  2. A domain is the name of the site (your-site-com, .rs …)


The design process includes the following:
  • Preparing the entire material for the site (images, video, text, logo …)
  • Optimizing content before uploading online (image compression, videos with minimal losses)
  • Design of the site in accordance with the agreed solution (design tailored to all devices – desktop/laptop/ tablet)
  • Testing (review on all devices, different browsers, test all links on the site, test speed, etc.)
  • SEO optimization
  • Putting the site live on the internet



Customizable web design or Responsive as it’s called popular is a type of design that is designed to be customizable content for all screen sizes and for all types of devices (mobile/tablet /laptop/desktop). This is a key item in creating web sites today.


SEO is an abbreviation of the English term Search Engine Optimization.

This is in fact a whole set of actions and activities that are executed both on the site itself – on page optimization and outside. Everything with the goal of better ranking on search (read on Google). SEO is necessary for Google to index your site and display it in searches for certain keywords.


Abbreviation for a web browser. Simply, the browser is a software application that is used to allow Internet users to locate computers and access websites. It translates basic HTML code to allow users to view images and texts, watch and listen to videos. And along with links allows you to move from one web site to another. In contact with the web server, the browser receives requests for information, then the web server receives requests and displays them on the computer.

The most popular browsers today are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari (macOS)


Top of the web page. Usually it contains information such as logo, phone numbers, links on the page, etc. It extends over the entire web page width, and its height can vary depending on the page design.


Lower part (web) site, completely at the bottom. It usually contains copyright information, links, but it can also contain much more data. It extends over the entire width of the web page, and its height can also vary.

Domain and hosting

A domain is the address of your website – for example, www.your-site.com or www.your-site.rs

Web hosting is a service that allows you to set up a website at www. The hosting service (lease) is paid to the company that provides these services, usually 1x per year.

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