Facebook Ads

Take advantage of social networking opportunities to draw attention to your business and achieve your desired goals.

Social networks as an advertising tool

Advertising on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram can have a positive impact on your business in many ways. By increasing brand visibility, you can ensure that more users of Facebook and related services find out about you and what you have to offer. Whether it’s some kind of service or a product you want to promote and popularize, social networks are there to help you in the process and enable display on their network that counts billions of users .

Facebook has over 2 billion active users worldwide. Instagram over a billion. These are very large platforms with huge advertising potential.


Defining the goal of the ad campaign

The goal of an Facebook Ad is the desired activity that we want our potential client to do on the network or outside the Facebook network (on our website)

Create Ads accounts, campaigns and ads

Set up advertising accounts on Facebook, create campaigns according to desired goals, and create ad groups and individual ads.

Conversion tracking and reporting

Regular monitoring of ad status as well as user interaction with the ad we created. Monitoring of desired activities (conversions, leads). Reporting.

How to get your ad on Facebook?

To get started with advertising, you need to have a page created on Facebook and Instagram. The next steps are related to setting up advertising account and payment methods, and we can discuss all this in detail at the meeting.

Every advertising campaign need to have an appropriate goal (increase brand visibility, increase visits to a specific location, more likes on the page, increase sales, etc.) and a clearly defined audience. These are the basic activities that need to be specified before launching a campaign. Creating advertising campaigns through the Facebook Ads tool is an activity that requires some planning and analysis. The approach to creating individual advertisements is very important and we should take into account who is the target group of users we want to be interested in our offer and based on that we design an advertisement that will attract attention in the right way. I’m here to talk about all this and find the best solution.
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Why is it important to get to know each other well?

As mentioned earlier, every type of online advertising needs to have a specific goal. The goal of your business you know best and how to transfer it online is a task that requires a good knowledge of your business. Present what you do, how you do it, how the whole process works, what are your comparative advantages, who is your target audience, etc. We need a clearer picture of what you want to present, in order to optimize your campaign in the best possible way.
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The potential of advertising on Facebook

Facebook as a platform represents a huge potential and the ultimate goal is to reach the desired audience or user who will convert (perform the desired activity). Facebook ads allow you to place ads within this social network as well as on related services such as Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger. The number of users of these services is measured in billions or hundreds of millions. The number of active users on these platforms and the fact that every Facebook user logs on to their account on average every other day means that you can achieve great visibility and encourage the desired action through advertising from the very beginning.
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Audience and placement selection for Fb ads

Facebook offers a multitude of options when it comes to targeting your audience and where your ads will appear. The audience can be chosen according to demographic parameters, interests, etc. and the main task is to identify the audience that would be interested in your offer. The place where the ad will be displayed is also very important and you certainly do not want the money to be spent on showing in places that are not so optimal. By default, Facebook (depending on the type of campaign) displays ads in all available places, mostly on both Facebook and Instagram. In some situations, this is not so optimal and it is necessary to evaluate and adjust the display of ads only in those places where there could be potentially the best results.
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The price of Facebook Ad

You determine the budget yourself. When creating an ad, and depending on the daily budget we set, Facebook will evaluate the results. These are approximate values based on their calculations for our campaign parameters and are most visible through the number of people who can see our ad, the number of clicks, etc. Of course, how much we invest is important here because the values will vary accordingly. One should not be unrealistic and expect big results for small investments. It all depends on what we advertise and who we are targeting, and that is why the previous step, which is choosing the audience and place for ads, is very important.
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You have a Fb page but you don’t advertise?

I am at your disposal for any additional questions about ads on social networks.
I am here to guide you through the whole process so feel free to contact for a consultation.

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