Marketing on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram can have a positive impact on your business in many ways. By increasing brand visibility, you can ensure that more users of Facebook and related services find out about you and what you have to offer. Whether it’s some kind of service or a product you want to promote and popularize, social networks are there to help you in the process and enable display on their services that count billions of users.

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Start advertising on Facebook

To start with social marketing, we need to create a page on Facebook and/or Instagram. The next steps include creating advertising campaigns through the Facebook Ads tool and it is one of the services that is created according to the specific needs of your business. Every advertising campaign needs to have an appropriate goal (increasing brand visibility, increasing visits to a specific location, increasing likes, sales, etc.) and a clearly defined audience. These are all basic activities that need to be specified before launching a campaign.

Creating advertising campaigns through the Facebook Ads tool is an activity that requires some planning and analysis. Also, the approach to creating individual ads is very important and we should take into account who is the target group of users we want to interest in our offer, and based on that we design an ad that will attract attention in the right way.

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Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook as a platform represents a huge potential and the ultimate goal is to reach the desired audience or user who will convert (perform the desired activity). Facebook Ads allows you to place ads or link to FB related services such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger. The number of users of these services is measured in billions or hundreds of millions. The number of active users on these platforms and the fact that every Facebook user logs on to their account on average every other day means that you can achieve great visibility and encourage the desired action through advertising from the very beginning.

Once we have a defined goal, we can start designing a campaign.

The advertising service via the Facebook Ads platform includes:

  1. Creating and designing advertising campaigns based on predefined goals
  2. Creating Ad groups and individual ads
  3. Monitoring results and reporting
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Social networks have great potential and advertising on them is aimed primarily at active users, in this case, Facebook and related services. To reach an even wider audience and fulfill their search queries, you can also try Google Ads.

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