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The interest in web design has started quite by accident. And unplanned. I gained my knowledge at a course in one local school. I started web design course on the basis of the recommendation, and without any knowledge in this field.

From the beginning of the course it was clearly a serious story. Intensive tempo, hours every day, every weekend task. A regular job next to all that … but that’s how it is. As with every course, so on this, I have got very good basics for further development and improvement. The course was completed after 11 weeks of intensive learning and in the end I was so full of various information that I had to “make a rest” a little bit. At least a month. Then it all started. In the last 2-3 years, I have been mostly focused on learning and researching things related to web design, following trends, etc. Simply, I have studied additionally through various examples I’ve seen on the internet, tutorials and self-testing of the various ideas I have had. The ideas and creativity I want to express are my main motivation to work as a web designer …

What can I offer you …

Creative ideas

The design should be original. And to draw attention in the right way

Responsive design

Design adapted to all your devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)


Content optimization

Optimized content means faster page loading. While keeping the necessary quality


SEO optimization

Optimization for Google Search, for better indexing of your site and easier search

Social marketing

Marketing for social networks (Facebook, Instagram). A “must Have” nowadays

Google ads

Google advertising in the right way and with the right keywords

“Good design is a good job”

About me…

About me 1

I’m Vladimir …

Web designer from Belgrade, with a constant desire to improve in this area.

The path to web design started primarily from the desire to create “something of my own”. And something original. This is still the main motivation and motivator to deal with this business.

I do not like to talk about myself, but I consider myself a great perfectionist in everything I do. In web design, it generally means I tend to “pixel perfect” design, with always the necessary and desirable dose of creativity and originality. I try to be genuine whenever and wherever possible, because it’s important to draw attention in the right way on the web.

“Good design is a good job”. A bad design can make you more trouble than you can imagine.

I’m always available to talk about web design. If you need a site, call at least for consultation purposes, so let’s see if I can help.

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