About me

Mission, vision and commitment

My name is Vladimir

I have been involved in web design since 2015 and my desire is to transfer my knowledge to projects by creating the best digital experience for my clients. Whether it is website design, SEO or online advertising, with an individual approach I analyze the needs of my clients in order to make their presence on the Internet as effective as possible.

I don’t like to talk much about myself, but I think I’m a great perfectionist in everything I do. In web design, this mainly means that I strive for “pixel perfect” design, with the always necessary and desirable dose of creativity and originality. I try to be original when code and as much as possible, because on the web it is essential that you attract attention in the right way.

Website design 90%
SEO 85%
Online advertising (PPC) 85%

Website analysis, design and optimization

I approach each new project individually and with an understanding of what needs to be created. Regardless of the type of website, I believe that every presentation should have its own stamp. Something that will reflect what is the activity of the individual or company for which the website is created. Of course, the development of design solutions is always done in consultation with the client.

A good website means a clear and concise display, functionality, responsive (equally good display on all devices with a focus on mobile devices), fast loading of pages, clear structure, quality content, and much more. All these factors are aimed exclusively at the visitors of your website and during the creation, we can freely say that the presentations are created with the intention of attracting visitors and providing them with information in the best possible way.


My mission is to, through creative and quality work, present to my clients the possibilities of online services that can improve their business. Through the development of the site to lay a quality foundation and through marketing activities and SEO to achieve the desired goals.


My vision is to gain and maintain the trust of my clients through projects that are always focused on quality. That the service that I jointly agree with the client fulfills the set goals and that by continuously maintaining online activities, I improve their business even more.


Take a look at the latest projects that have been realized. You can see more projects on the Portfolio page.