Creativity and the desire to create “something of my own” has always been my main motivation to pursue this type of work. Interest in web design started after completing a course at a local school, which gave me a solid basis for further learning and improvement in this area. That’s when it all started…

I don’t like to talk much about myself, but I find myself a perfectionist in everything I do. In web design, this generally means that I aspire to pixel perfect design, with the always necessary and desirable dose of creativity and originality. I try to be original whenever and as much as possible, because on the web it is important to get the attention the right way.

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During the web design process, I primarily focus on:




Good and functional design can give you a very positive impression on potential visitors. Together with the original solution for your site, this can be a winning combination for a high-quality user experience.

My services

Web design

Whether you need a website as a personal presentation or you need a presentation for the business you are doing, feel free to contact. Website design involves design and functionality that is tailored to your wishes and needs. I am here to give you additional guidance and suggestions so that we can come up with the best solution together. From a design standpoint, presentations are always created to be pixel-perfect, customized for all your devices, clear, transparent and functional. From a technical point of view, the optimization of all elements on the site (photos, illustrations, videos …) is an integral part of the web design process.

It is mandatory that before the final version of the website is released online, all the elements on the page, speed testing, layout on mobile devices and all additional functionalities are tested. This is the process so feel free to contact.

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Creating a website will represent your online business. The advantages are reflected in the fact that creating a website contributes to better user engagement, creates trust, allows easier contact and contributes to the seriousness of your brand.

SEO optimization

On-site SEO optimization involves a set of different activities with the aim of having your website properly and clearly indexed (recognized) by a web browser. As well as, with its unique content, make sure it will be useful for future visitors. SEO techniques involve researching and adjusting relevant keywords, titles, subtitles, amount of text, optimization of multimedia elements (photos, videos, etc.). Additionally, the functionality, website structure, links, transparency, speed..also have a big impact on user experience and how search engines (Google, for example) will view, index and rank your website. These are all the technical aspects of SEO optimization and that’s my primary focus.

The ultimate goal is to create a presentation that will meet a user query in a search engine in a best possible way. Throughout the keywords we define.

seo optimizacija usluga
SEO is an essential part of the process of creating a website. Depending on how the site structure is set up, and all the elements that are on it, the impact on your position and how much you will be visible on Google in general can be great.

Online advertising

Online marketing should be a must-have activity for anyone planning to expand their business, reach more audiences, give potential customers more opportunities to interact with you, and ultimately achieve the desired business goals. Advertising on online platforms today is worth a lot more than advertising on any billboard etc. … The social network Facebook has almost 2.5 billion active users. About 2 billion people use YouTube. Instagram about 1 billion. Google is the largest search engine today and accounts for about 85% of all searches with over 3 billion queries every day. These are pretty big quotes and all these platforms have their own tools that allow you to advertise through the same. These tools are quite advanced, with plenty of features and with the right creation of advertising campaigns, you can reach a wide range of potential clients. In doing so, the investment does not have to be too large.

By using GoogleAds and Facebook advertising tools on their connected networks, together we can achieve better goals for you and your business. I’m here to prepare and create the right campaigns the right way.

online marketing
Advertising on Google and social media increases the visibility of your business and allows you to reach the widest audience on the Internet that has interests or searches for exactly what you can offer them.

Creating a web presentation means:

Original design

Modern design, tailored to customer needs. In line with your business.


Design adapted to all your devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)

Content optimization

Multimedia content optimization and customization for the web (photos, videos, etc.)

On-site SEO

Google Search Engine Optimization. Technical SEO


I approach each new project individually and with an understanding of what needs to be created. Regardless of the type of website, I think every presentation should have its own unique identity. Something that will reflect what is the activity of the individual or company the site is designed for. Of course, all design solutions are always done in consultation with the client.

A good website is clear on topic, functional, responsive (equally good on all mobile-focused devices), fast, has clear structure, quality content and more. All of these factors are directed solely at the visitors of your site, and when creating, we are free to say that presentations are created with the intention of attracting visitors and delivering information to them in the best possible way.

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Creativity 90%
Design 90%
SEO optimization 80%
Online marketing 85%
Graphic design 75%

Graphic design

logo dizajn

In addition to web design, I can also offer graphic design services. This is certainly not the primary activity I do, but I try to meet clients and any additional requirements that often include these activities.

Logo design

Business cards

Flyers, brochures etc.

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