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Site optimization for better ranking on Google search. Analysis and definition of the action plan.

SEO is always focused on your goals. Feel free to send an inquiry for an existing site or if you are planning a new one and want a quality structure and optimization from the start.

*The page on your site that you want to optimize for Google (must not necessarily be the home page) More about URL

*Keywords you want to rank for on Google. For example. if you are electrician from Belgrade, then it would be the phrase "electrician in Belgrade" or similar More about keywords

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is primarily an abbreviation of eng. words Search Engine Optimization and in practice, it is most often associated with Google search. Google is not the only search engine and SEO can be done for other systems as well but it is definitely the most challenging and complex.

Optimization for Google is a set of different techniques aimed at better ranking (positioning) of your site on search. These techniques include On-site (which are performed on your site) as well as Off-site techniques (backlinking). It is very important for quality optimization that the site is technically flawless and achieves the desired goal with its quality content. The key to good SEO is content that will respond to a user’s query in the best (read most useful) way.

Organic results

When we talk about site optimization for Google we always mean organic SEO. Organic means that you get better results on the search engine in a natural (organic) way and this is achieved by the techniques of On and Off-site optimization. For this reason, SEO is a long-term process and does not happen overnight. It requires a lot of analysis, planning, designing, and defining the right strategy for online appearance.

SEO process

Defining goals

You need to have a goal for your business. If you have not defined it, together we can make an analysis and determine how site optimization can help achieve the desired activities.


Overview of the current situation and assessment of the desired situation. An overview of the competition, their websites, positions. Analysis and assessment of our capabilities in accordance with the information obtained.

SEO plan

A detailed SEO plan with all the activities that need to be done in order for the optimization to be successful and your website to achieve the desired positions and thus the previously defined goals.

These are basic SEO activities whose goal is to create a certain picture of the current situation and create a plan of activities.

For quality SEO (and with the aim of achieving better search positions), it is important that the business for which the optimization is done has certain advantages that we could point out (from the point of view of users and Google, this is very important). We also need to understand the user’s query in the right way (people search differently and we need to understand clearly what lies behind their query). Also, Google is mobile-first and optimization for mobile will be an important factor in years to come and UX (User experience) is extremely important and makes a difference between whether we will satisfy the user’s query or not.

The importance of site optimization

Achieving the desired goals is impossible without quality site optimization. If you think that you have a certain value that could respond to a user’s query on Google search in a quality way, then it is necessary to transfer it to your site. What you have to offer users are probably looking for in the search, but where you will position yourself there depends on the quality that you can offer them. That is why optimization is important because it is necessary to satisfy the user’s query by providing them with the desired information without the need to search further.

Google is more intelligent day by day and is always focused on the satisfaction of users, ie. to show the best possible results for their query. There are no shortcuts here, and if there are, they are short-term. SEO optimization for Google is always aimed in the long term.
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Technical SEO

Technical SEO represents everything we do to make your site technically flawless.

Some of the parameters are:

  • Hosting (quality of the server on which your site is located)
  • Site and page architecture
  • Index, follow, nofollow instructions (what we want Google to index)
  • Internal linking (link between pages within the site)
  • Sitemap
  • Hreflang tags (for multilingual sites)
  • Responsive design (whether the site is optimized for mobile devices)
  • Graphic material optimization
  • Code quality, caching, minify
  • Redirections, 404 pages

There are many factors, some of which are taken into account when creating a website (eg. responsive). I would especially like to point out that it is extremely important how fast your site loads, especially on mobile devices, because in the coming period this will become one of the factors for search rankings. Of course, all this depends on the device from which the user accesses as well as the network signal coverage. But for that very reason, optimization should be done with the goal that even a user with a lower internet flow can access it without any problems. This may not always be feasible and depends on the content on the site, but you should definitely think in that direction.
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Tracking results

SEO optimization is a process that is planned for the long term and it is necessary to monitor the results regularly. For these activities, there are tools that give us information and on the basis of which we can monitor and analyze what we have achieved.

It is necessary to constantly work on site optimization. However, not all sites are the same and it is clear that the type of website determines how intensively we will deal with content optimization. Accordingly, the optimization strategy is defined differently for each site. But what is common to every project is that, without monitoring and analysis, we will not know how we stand on the search and what else we could improve.
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How long does it take for visible SEO results?

It depends. From the type of site, niche (area to which it belongs), competition and the quality of their optimization, etc.

There is no clear information on this issue, although information from 6 months – 1 year is leaking somewhere. This may not be the case, but for some more or less visible results, we can say that it takes 4-6 weeks. Do not take this information strictly precisely because there is no possibility to specify it clearly.
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Are there guarantees for positions on Google? (eg. first place …)

No, and it is not wise or serious to give such guarantees. There is no individual or agency that can guarantee you something like this.

There are many reasons, and some of them are frequent changes in the Google algorithm (and on a daily basis) and 3-4 times bigger changes in the search engine per year. Also, your competition is also working to improve its websites and new competitors are emerging and this is one of the reasons why it is important to track positions.

Google is constantly changing, becoming “smarter” and more demanding. If we do SEO properly and with the goal of highlighting extremely high-quality content and benefits, along with all the other prerequisites for good optimization, then we probably won’t have any problems in the long run.
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SEO and Google Ads

Google Ads is aimed at displaying ads for certain keywords (applies to Google Search campaigns). But Google, when determining the price you will pay per click on the ads, takes into account a number of factors and one of the most important are the relevance of your site or the page to which the ad leads and the user experience on the same. This does not only mean relevance to the keywords you are advertising for but also to the technical aspects of your site that affect optimization (whether it is responsive, load speed, etc.).

As with SEO optimization, it is very important for advertising whether the user gets relevant and useful information for their query. If, when creating a site and before advertising, you concentrated on SEO and creating the right and relevant strategy for the keywords that are in focus, then it is very likely that you will have some success and less cost-per-click when advertising.
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The cost of SEO optimization

The price is determined depending on the scope of work and your budget. The size of the website and the state of the competition are some of the factors that affect the price, and here we primarily mean the time spent on analysis and creating an appropriate optimization plan. Then, the time spent implementing the planned activities.

During the conversation with the client, it is necessary to define the goals and after the analysis the optimal way to optimize the site. There is no fixed price because there are many factors that affect it.
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