Endless Design


Let me introduce myself

My name is Vladimir
I’m a front end developer from Belgrade, Serbia.
And i like this very much because it let's me unleash my creativity.
I find creativity in everyday things. Playing with it makes me feeling useful.
And ultimatively leads me to create something beautiful for the Web. My goal here is to create something unique, and something endless.
I live in Belgrade. You maybe heard of (or not), but it's the capital of beautiful and inspiring country in Eastern Europe called Serbia. I like working from here. When i'm not on the Web, i am on some kind of recreation. Usually, it's a bike ride, and my profile picture is from one of those rides.

Building for web requires alot of commitment and persistance. This is the most important thing. You have to get into it. I like to get into it. It's not easy, but nothing good comes from easy solutions. At the end, visual effect of site speaks for itself.
Little bellow this text is my contact form. Feel free to contact me at any time and we can talk about your needs for the web.


What you can expect?

creatice web design

Creative design ideas.
I like to experiment with different types of design. Based on your needs. With enough material and imagination, presentation could be unmatched. Also, keeping minimalistic design is always essential, for easy navigation through sections of site.

Always user friendly

Keeping it simple, for all audiences.
Different users have different views. And expectations. I try to make a balanced design, so most of the audience have easy access to the site content. Keeping them stay is a task here.

user friendly sites

Built for all your devices


Mobile first design.
Look on the mobile devices is equally important as look on the PC. Creation process starts on mobile, then comes wider expansion to tablets and Pc's. Result is perfectly adapted responsive design.

My works


Site name Code / Design


Site name Code / Design


Networking Day Rs Code / Design

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